Who Are We

Our team at is a team of highly experienced coders in the are of hacking. This level of cheating and coding is new for us. We used to deal with software applications and cracks. However, this new world is more satisfying for us as a team, but also as individuals.

 The main reason for joining this world is because there are not enough like us to take the chance to make a bigger difference. The kind of work we did previously is overpopulated. The gaming world is lacking of such outside influence. It is not easy today to find reliable and trustworthy cheats within the vast world of video games. This should change and we are here hoping that more will join us in making a real difference in the rapid growing world of video games. This free imvu credits hack is one of our finest works so far. And the positive remarks we received from the hard work helps us to move ahead, only now we are more motivated and more confident in our abilities than ever before.

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